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Last updated: January 19, 2010

Downloading and Installing Hobo

Before installing Hobo, you must have Ruby, RubyGems and Ruby on Rails installed.

The standard mechanism for installing Hobo is to use gem:

gem install hobo

This command will also install the Hobo prerequisites Hobo Support and Hobo Fields as well as Mislav’s will_paginate, if you do not already have them installed. The two Hobo prerequisites may be used independently without Hobo, so you may wish to install either or both of them instead of Hobo.

gem install hobosupport
gem install hobofields

If you wish to download the gems directly, you can get them from gemcutter. There are three gems: hobosupport, hobofields and hobo

The source code for Hobo is available on github:tablatom/hobo