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Last updated: January 26, 2010

Hobo Manual

Welcome to Hobo, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride.


First you need to Download and Install Hobo.

Next you will probably want to check out one of our fine tutorials.


Hobo Support is akin to Active Support in that it provides a grab bag of utility classes and extensions that should be useful to all Ruby projects, not just Ruby on Rails projects.

Active Record

Hobo Fields is an extension to Active Record that allows you to add rich types to Active Record and automatically create migrations.

Hobo Scopes are an extension to the named scope and dynamic finder functionality in Active Record.

The Hobo Permission system is an extension to Active Record that allows you define which actions on your model are permitted by which users.

Accessible Associations is an Active Record extension that allows nested models in forms.

Users and Authentication documents the Hobo user model: how to use it, what it provides and how to use Hobo without it.

Miscellaneous Model Extensions document the rest of Hobo’s extensions to Active Record.

Action Controller and Routing

Controllers and Routing documents Hobo’s extensions to Action Controller

Action View

DRYML is a template language that allows you to create highly reusable HTML components.

Rapid is a large library of HTML tags built with DRYML.

Ajax describes how Rapid and Hobo combine to support Ajax in a fashion that’s often easier than using Web 1.0 techniques.

Top to Bottom

Lifecycles lets you define a state machine in your Active Record model which automatically create appropriate actions for your controller and views.

View Hints allow you to annotate your model with information relevant to automatic view generation.

Generators documents the generators that Hobo allows you to access via script/generate.

Hobo allows you to Internationalize your program to support multiple languages.