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Third Party Plugins

Last updated: September 17, 2011

Imaginary DRYML

DRYML library with some useful tags to be used on Hobo projects.


Imaginary DRYML should be used as a plugin and loaded in the application.dryml.

Rails 2.x

In the console type:

script/plugin install git@github.com:imaginary-cloud/Imaginary-DRYML.git

Rails 3.x apps (Hobo 1.3)

In the console type:

rails plugin install git@github.com:imaginary-cloud/Imaginary-DRYML.git

Load the taglib

Edit the file application.dryml on your hobo app and add

<include src="imaginary-tags.dryml" plugin="imaginary-DRYML" /> 


Currently only two tags are available:

  • google-analytics: the name should be self explanatory. Adds the google analytics tag to your app. Pass the code as attributes.
  • uservoice-tab: …adds the uservoice tab. Lots of attributes, but only key, host and forum are mandatory.

The documentation is avaliable on Hobo’s Cookbook.

A link to Hobo’s Cookbook documentation will be available soon.

Developed by Imaginary Cloud’s team and released under the MIT License.

API documentation