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Quick-and-Dirty Required Field Highlighter

Posted by dziesig.

After almost a year of beta testing, the REAL users requested that the required/mandatory fields be highlighted. (I had thought of this last year at the beginning of development, but could not figure out how to do it, then).

I recently found a thread from January 2011 that discussed this capability. In this thread, the use of <feckless-fieldset> was recommended. I tried this and got it to work (functionally, that is; it would highlight the required fields), but it took much too much time to style. Unless I missed something, each page needed to be styled independently which would have taken more time than I had available.

After examining the <feckless-fieldset> code, it appeared that the highlighting capability could be merged with the normal <field-list> tag to give me the effect that I wanted.

I modified <field-list> to produce <field-list-star-required> (star-required being the imperative, meaning put a star (*) on each required field).

Using this, I could change the form code from:

<field-list fields="family_name, given_name, middle_name, address1, address2, city, state_prov, postal_code, ssan" param/>


<field-list-star-required fields="family_name, given_name, middle_name, address1, address2, city, state_prov, postal_code, ssan" \
required="family_name, given_name, address1, city, state_prov, postal_code, ssan" param/>

I put the following code in application.dryml (I should have put it in a separate file, but as the title says, “quick and dirty”):

<def attrs='tag, no-edit, required' tag='field-list-star-required'>
  <% tag ||= scope.in_form ? "input" : "view"; no_edit ||= "skip" %>
  <% required ||= "" ; required = comma_split(required.gsub('-', '_')) -%>
  <labelled-item-list merge-attrs='&amp;attributes - attrs_for(:with_fields)'>
    <with-fields merge-attrs='&amp;attributes &amp; attrs_for(:with_fields)'>
    <% field_name = this_field_name 
       input_attrs = {:no_edit => no_edit} if tag == "input"
      <labelled-item unless='&tag == &apos;input&apos; && no_edit == &apos;skip&apos; && !can_edit?'>
        <item-label \
        param='#{scope.field_name.to_s.sub(&apos;?&apos;, &apos;&apos;).sub(&apos;.&apos;, &apos;-&apos;)}-label' \
        <do param='label'><%= field_name %></do>
        <% if required.index(scope.field_name) %>
          <span class='required'>*</span>
        <item-value \
        param='#{scope.field_name.to_s.sub(&apos;?&apos;, &apos;&apos;).sub(&apos;.&apos;, &apos;-&apos;)}-view' 
        colspan='&2 if field_name.blank?'>
          <do param='view'>
             <call-tag tag='&tag' param='#{scope.field_name.to_s.sub(&apos;?&apos;, \
             &apos;&apos;).sub(&apos;.&apos;, &apos;-&apos;)}-tag' 
          <div param='input-help' if='&tag.to_sym == :input && !this_field_help.blank?'><%= this_field_help %></div>

and the following code in application.css:

.required { color : red; }

The resulting form, when being edited, shows each of the required field’s captions with a red asterisk appended. Just what I needed, no more, no less.

If anyone would like to extend this such that the required fields in the model replace the static list in the tag’s invocation, please do so (and let me know!).

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