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Last updated: December 1, 2009

Agility: Hobo as Plugin Sidebar


Hobo as Plugin Sidebar

You may wish to run Hobo as a plugin rather than as a gem.

Run rails generator

The first step is to run the standard rails generator:

$ rails agility
$ cd agility

Install as a plugin

$ git submodule add git://github.com/tablatom/hobo.git vendor/plugins/hobo

Run hobo command

To run the hobo command when it’s installed as a plugin instead of a gem:

$ ./vendor/plugins/hobo/hobo/bin/hobo --no-rails

(This command will fail if you don’t have the hobo gem install. Don’t worry about this and follow the next step).

Comment out gem statement

The hobo command generates a setup designed to be used with the hobo gem. If you wish to use the plugin, comment out config.gem 'hobo' in config/environment.rb.

Run hobo command again

Now that we’ve fixed config/environment.rb, we can run hobo again, and it will run to completion. This is only necessary if it failed previously.

$ ./vendor/plugins/hobo/hobo/bin/hobo --no-rails

Fix Rakefile

The hobo command sets up the Rakefile to use the gem. Let’s fix it so that it works with the plugin by removing the require 'hobo/tasks/rails' line.

gitorial-005: view on github, download 05-hobo-as-plugin-sidebar.patch